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Lover of life, laughter and fun. I am an independent luxury companion based in Adelaide. I am so happy you have found your way here. My name is Anya Sonder - thank you for visiting my official site. 

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I am so happy you have found your way here. My name is Anya - thank you for visiting my page. 

A discerning gentleman understands that a passionate, deeply fulfilling sexual connection combines an intelligent mind with a sexy, sensual body. My name is Anya. I am an independent luxury escort with professional qualifications in body work that have led me to a discovery of deep sexuality. I have a very friendly personality and I am easy to get on with and will make you feel welcome and comfortable when meeting me. I truly enjoy spending time with you, talking, kissing deeply, touching passionately, building the connection that leads to a crescendo of ecstasy. I love to please and be pleased, getting lost in the moment that we create together. 

If you are looking to unwind in the company of a stunning woman with whom you can genuinely connect then look no further.

About me: I am a 5 foot 2 blonde with a feminine yet athletic figure (34C - 26 - 35), soft skin, long silky hair and green eyes. My heritage is Scandinavian. Taking care of myself physically and mentally is very important to me and I always strive to improve myself. As a friend, I am loving, caring and generous. I love having fun and laughter is definitely the way to my heart. I am very attracted to intelligence and am entranced by deep, intimate conversation. Although I do admit, sometimes talking can be overrated - eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be. I also have to warn you that I do have a dirty mind. 

I am available for both outcalls and incalls by arrangement and will only respond to gentlemen who are respectful and kind in their correspondence. Please put the date and times you are available for bookings along with the amount of time you would like to spend enjoying each other’s company. Blocked numbers will not be responded to. 

Rates & Packages

1 Hour ... $550
2 Hours ... $1000
3 Hours ... $1500
Additional Hours ... $500
Dinner/Function Dates (4 hrs) ... $1,500
Overnight 12-14 hours ... $3000
Weekend (48 hours) ... $6500
Couples ... $600 per hour

30 min... $350 (incall only, subject to availability)


- Please be polite! No email correspondence with illicit pictures or language will be answered.

- For incalls, upon arrival please place my donation in clear site and excuse yourself to use the restroom to freshen up and shower.

- In order for us to fully enjoy our time together please be freshly groomed - mouthwash and shower is preferred.


From Wheelman via Scarlet Blue website: 

Anya is everything you could hope for and more

I saw Anya on a sunny weekend
She is truly amazing from the moment she locked me in her gaze with her cheeky devilish grin until hours after we parted company I had a smile permanently plastered on my face, she so genuine and spending time with her is just so so easy because she makes everything effortless and it all just flows from one awesome experience to the next. She is very fit with a toned and unbelievable body with exceptional balance, she just took my breath away. Anya just has a way of making you feel comfortable straight away, when things go up a notch it almost takes you by surprise because all the steps you take to get there just blur into one continuous unforgettable motion. Anya is so warm so funny so genuine and kind that even before we parted company I was already thinking when can I see this gorgeous goddess again

Thank you Anya - you are a true treasure

From Euripides via Scarlet Blue website:

I have recently spent six days in Paradise with Anya. While the location was amazing, ... truly and utterly amazing, the truth is the quantum transformation into a Paradise - a paradise beyond description from our earthly frame-of-reference - was brought about by the magic of Anya.

I have met Anya a few times and obviously adored her enough to want to see her again and again, and ultimately decided to meet her for more than just a few hours. When we met for days rather than a time-constrained evening, an existential transformation in our bubble of shared-existence took place. It takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now.

I do not wish to and in any event I am unable to dissect and describe our time together - given that I am from this universe and our words are incapable of describing that Paradise. I can only describe in ludicrously mundane language that I felt at peace, in love, happy beyond belief and utterly sensuously satisfied. We shared laughter, food, wine, bush walks, massages, discussions on solving world hunger, exquisite love making ... and best of all, I would wake each morning next to the most charming, beautiful, sensual women I could ever hope to meet.

Anya is someone you want to care for with all your heart and who cares for you with all her heart. We all want that relationship where everything is beautiful and perfect and stays that way for ever. Of course, that cannot exist in real life, but I have experienced The Fantasy, at least for a few days in my life, with Anya.

So how do you move on from a week like this - easy, you start planning for your next extended booking with the beautiful, adorable and sexy Anya.

From James via Scarlet Blue website:

Anya is the most pulchritudinous lady who will give you the perfect fantasy escape from the reality of life, albeit too short. 

After Anya's smooth and expeditious message communication I met the gorgeous lady and her sweet conversation effortlessly melted the proverbial ice without the need for it to be ''broken''.

But let's be honest, one can only wait so long for things to hot up and Anya has some sort of hair trigger switch that suddenly brings out the nymphomaniacal sex goddess within her that draws the libido to the forefront of your mind with irresistible force. That universal quest for carnal pleasure that every man at some point will embark on will never end in disappointment in Anya's company! Anya's toned physique, flawless skin, flexibility and sexual appetite fulfills sexual enjoyment in any position and her gorgeous green eyes above her cheeky smile holding me in a fixated gaze whilst in sexual congress is a memory I hope never to release.

Anya is a most intelligent, selfless, stunning lady and sadly there are way too few like her.

From D&L (couples booking) via Scarlet Blue website:

I told Anya I really didn’t like the word ‘review’, so here’s our testimonial.....

It was a bit of a last minute decision for my wife and I to try and have some company on a recent trip to Adelaide. I’d noticed Anya’s profile on SB a few times before and always had her in mind for our next trip. Thankfully even though being on a little short notice, my initial couples booking request was met with a quick and a very enthusiastic “yes” along with an inquiry if we had any special requests or had any boundary issues that she should know about. For us as a couple, that was appreciated. Although we’re by no means unfamiliar with bookings, knowing that the lady you’re about to see understands the potential issues involved always puts me at ease.

Nevertheless, it’s always an anxious time waiting for that first meeting. When Anya walked in to the lounge with thigh high black leather boots though, my wife was sold instantly (mostly because she had just bought her own pair earlier in the day). What an absolute beauty! My first impression was every man’s country girl fantasy....and it turned out she was. In the elevator on our way to the room she said she’d been looking forward to the booking all day and it was easy to tell she was just as excited about the threesome that lay ahead as we were. 

Once back at the room, there was a beautifully awkward transition from the initial introductions and conversation into the more intimate part of the night. It was quite cute actually, all three trying to take cues from each other but in the end we got there so to speak. Once started though, what a transition! I don’t think she holds much back during a booking which only invites you to do the same. Starting on the sofa, then to the floor and on to the bed. A short wine break and then finding our way back to the sofa again and repeat. As I said, this wasn’t our first booking but I can honestly say this was more of a true threesome than we’ve ever experienced before. There was no worrying if anyone was being left out, because no one ever was. Although I’ll admit to like sitting back and watching sometimes, there’s no way I would want to be anywhere else except in the tangled bodies on that sofa. Words can’t adequately describe the incredible time we spent with Anya. Simply amazing! Thanks isn’t nearly enough Anya, and we will definitely request your company again soon.

The end of the night came way too early and we would have loved to have spent even more time together. Maybe next time. We’re both so glad we happened upon this Adelaide gem and she’ll be on speed dial for our next trip to the city. I can’t recommend her highly enough, to other couples, or men, or ladies for that matter.
P.S – sorry about tearing you away from the party xo
D ‘n’ L

From David: 

Sometimes in life you meet someone who captures your mind and thoughts in a way that takes and expands on what you believe is possible with human pleasure. Anya took me to a place that I never knew was possible. 

Beautiful and totally oozing sex appeal, over 2 unforgettable hours (I could have spent the day!) she made me totally relaxed and encapsulated me from the moment I walked through the door. 

I've been fortunate to have been with a few beautiful women and can honestly say she captured my imagination more than anyone before. 
Will I be back? It's not a matter of if, but when!

From Peter via Scarlet Blue Website:

I have had the utmost pleasure of seeing Anya over a few bookings and I am so struck by her as a person, I feel I need to write a review about this lovely lady.

I initially came across Anya after stumbling across her advertisement, after thoroughly reading through her page I was captivated by how genuine, sexy and intelligent she came across. Her pictures appeared quite natural, and I can guarantee she is even more beautiful in person.

I contacted Anya by text message and made an initial booking for 2 hours. At the scheduled time I nervously made my way up to her hotel room. I met Anya and was invited in. We enjoyed a glass of wine and I have to say I was quite delighted, she was pretty and very articulate and put me at ease immediately. I then proceeded to have a shower, when I returned I was greeted by Anya with a warm embrace and a passionate kiss, which I was not expecting but quite pleasantly amazed with. We proceeded to undress each other. Anya has a toned and athletic body but still has a beautiful womanly physique. While I don't believe I need to divulge the full details of our time together I will say that Anya is an absolute sexual dynamo who quite clearly is very passionate about and enjoys what she does.

My time spent with her during this booking was absolute bliss, and I rather indulgently made another booking with Anya for the following evening. She radiates a joy and happiness that is quite intoxicating. I have been fortunate to have had another few bookings and an overnight, spending the night with and waking up next to her is definitely an amazing experience.

Anya is wonderful person she is smart, sexy with a definite naughty side. I would not hesitate to recommend Anya to anyone.

Peter, August 2016

From Dazza via Scarlet Blue website:

Wow wow wow I still have the biggest smile on my face after meeting the beautiful Anya. I contacted Anya via her email and after a couple emails back and forth we agreed on an overnight booking in Adelaide at a very classy hotel. 

When Anya come thru the hotel foyer I was blown away by her smile and beautiful face .... oh and her body was divine in that little black lacy dress with knee hight boots she looked exquisite. We made our way to the room with Champagne in hand and talk each other's ears off .. it was the sexual tension it's was the nervous energy it was Anya's beauty that had me weak at the knees. Anya is a very sensual and giving person. Anya also appreciates fine food so off to the Shiki Japanese Restaurant we had the most beautiful food and wine this was a great way to start our night. 

Sometimes you make a booking and hope the conversation will flow easily. As Anya has travelled extensively we covered many countries and topics of the world. Anya is a lovely lady and I was extremely privilege to wake up next to her in the morning and continue on from the night before We both agreed it was a night to remember. You meet many wonderful people and Anya is one such diamond take care until we meet up again. Thank you for the most wonderful naughty overnighter x


From Shane via Scarlet Blue website:

Anya was perfect! A perfect lady, and a perfect lover. She'll blow your mind and  I would recommend her to everyone. Dont be shy she will make you feel comfortable and please you in every way.

 From D vis Scarlet Blue website:

I recently had the absolute pleasure of spending an overnight with the delightfully sexy Anya Sonder. I had seen Anya a couple of times previously but was still nervous about spending the night with her.
I organised to pick Anya up and we went to a nice restaurant in the city. She was an absolute sight to behold, it was fairly warm and she was wearing this sexy little sun dress that made me weak at the knees. My nerves quickly faded as we were soon engrossed in stimulating conversation over our meal. Following the meal Anya accompanied me to a show which was lovely but only prolonged the anticipation of what was to come.
After retiring for the evening we shared some champagne and soon became lost in the moment and each other’s bodies. What happened next was a blur of heavy breathing, soft and forceful touches, teases and ecstasy. Anya had me riding a continual wave of pleasure which seemed to go on forever. She is a very sensual and giving person and it suffices to say I had an amazing time that I won't quickly forget. Waking up the next morning and continuing where we had left off was divine.
Anya is a genuinely beautiful person, she carries herself with grace and charm but is an absolute vixen behind closed doors. Thank you for the most wonderful evening I can’t wait till our next encounter.


Gifts are never expected but always appreciated. 

I love handmade gifts. It may be a card. You may have a special skill. 

Wine: French Champagne or a South Australian Pinot Gris / Pinto Grigio

Jewellery / Art: Handmade / Urban styles. If you are visiting Adelaide, take a look at The Urban Cow Studio or The Jam Factory. 

Gift Cards: Myer 

Experiences: Vietnam, Cambodia and the Aurora Borealis are on my bucket list. I love to travel and explore the world, be it a picnic in the forrest to yachting around the Virgin Islands. 


For all booking inquiries please email the following to :
(The following details need to be included. Incomplete submissions will delay scheduling)

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number 
  3. Brief description of self 
  4. Preferred date, time, location, and duration of appointment
  5. Where did you hear about me?